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Post Construction Cleaning San Diego: Why Choose Metla Cleaning

After you complete a remodel or construction project, it’s likely you won’t be thinking about cleanup right away. But the truth is, a remodel or construction project is not truly complete until the site has been cleaned up.

Enter post-construction cleaning services. These companies specialize in both residential and commercial post-construction cleanup, and they have the tools, manpower, and know-how needed to handle jobs big and small, simple and complicated.

At Metla Cleaning, we’ve been offering post-construction cleaning services to homeowners and businesses throughout San Diego, CA for years, and our team of professional cleaners is always efficient, friendly, attentive, and accommodating.

What Are Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

As the name implies, post-construction cleaning services are cleaning services that are rendered following completion of a construction project. A variety of simple cleaning services are rendered as part of a post-construction cleanup, including:

  • Removal of dust from ceiling pipes, ductwork, vents, countertops, light fixtures, etc.

  • Scrubbing stains out of fixtures and surfaces

  • Vacuuming all surfaces

  • Desk & file cabinet cleaning, both inside and outside

  • Sanitation

  • Carpet deep clean

  • Tile grout extraction

  • Power washing

  • Polishing stainless steel

  • Cleaning windowsills & window frames

  • Cleaning window glass, including scraping and etching removal

  • Wiping down walls and backsplashes

  • Floor waxing and buffing

When to Use Post-Construction Cleaning Services


If you've just completed a DIY remodel, it's likely the last thing you want to do is clean. This is when it's smart to bring in a team of professionals that specializes in post-construction cleanup.

They'll know exactly what kinds of cleaning need to be performed after assessing the construction site, and they'll clean in a timely manner, always paying attention to the details to ensure there's no debris left behind.

Plus, a team of professional post-construction cleaners will work around your schedule to ensure the cleaning process is convenient for you, and their expertise will ensure your home looks wonderful after they're done.

New Construction Project

If you're running a small business that specializes in construction work, partnering with a reliable post-construction cleaning service makes sense.

A post-construction cleaning service will come in after all construction work has been completed, and they'll safely and efficiently get rid of all debris and hazardous material before thoroughly cleaning the whole area from top to bottom.

Even if your construction crew is neat and tidy while working, it's wise to bring in professional cleaners after them, as these experts can ensure the building is not only visually appealing but 100% sanitary too.

Which Industries Use Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

The following industries utilize post-construction cleaning services often:

  • Real estate

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Entertainment

  • Agriculture

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing

Government agencies and public utilities often require post-construction cleanup services as well.

The Cost of Post-Construction Cleanup

Most post-construction cleaning services in San Diego charge anywhere from $0.10-$0.50 per square-foot cleaned, but other companies work on an hourly basis, usually charging between $30-$50 an hour.

If you want extra services that aren't included in their basic post-construction cleanup package, expect to pay more.

Is Post-Construction Cleanup Eco-Friendly?

Professional cleaners can clean with eco-friendly products, utilize sustainable practices, and ensure all recyclable materials get properly disposed of.

Choose Metla Cleaning for Construction Site Cleaning

If you're looking for the best post-construction cleaning service in San Diego, CA, look no further than Metla Cleaning. Our professional cleaners take great pride in their work, and they can complete all the cleaning tasks you have safely, efficiently, and in a timely manner. When they're done, it'll be impossible to tell that construction work was just finished.

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